Club Penguin: Major Updates!

If you haven’t been on Club Penguin lately, you’ll notice that there have been some major changes..everywhere!

The Town Update 13 CP

The Town Update 1.1 13 CP

The Snow Forts Update 13 CP

The puffle on the rug changes depending on what color Puffle you have.๐Ÿ™‚



The Puffle Shop Update 13 CPIf you scroll over the canon at the Plaza, a Red Puffle shoots out of it!


The Plaza Update 1.2

The Plaza Update 1.1

The Night Club Update 13 CP

The Night Club Update 13 1.1 CP

The Gift Shop Clothes Shop Update 13 CP

The Dock Update 13 CP

The Dock Update 13 1.2 CP

The Dock Update 13 1.1 CPThe Dance Lounge was one of the first rooms to change. I believe it was updated late in 2011.

The Dance Lounge Update 13 CP

The Coffee Shop Update 13 CP

The Book Room Update 13 CP

The Book Room Update 1.1 13 CP

The Beacon 13 CP

The Beach Update 13 CPI noticed something strange, while looking out the telescope on the beacon. There’s a small, red flashing light in the distance. Could Rockhopper* be calling for an S.O.S.?

*Pirate who visits Club Penguin every three months. Rockhopper lives on Rockhopper Island.

Rockhopper SOS

Plaza Update 13 CP

Pizza Parlor Update 13 CP

What’s happened to the Elite Penguin–I mean Everyday Phoning Facility, while I was gone?Everyday Phoning Facility HQ Update 13 CP

EPF Update CP 1.1

Elite Penguin Force HQ Update 13…and finally, the Ski Village.

CP Sled Update 13


Melodyc3 Player Card With Woof and Woof The Epic White Puffle Pin!!!

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I’m back! Hopefully here to stay!(: Just a suggestion..this isn’t directly related to Club Penguin, but it will help you save moolah $$$ for Club Penguin monthly memberships(:


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Please Read

It pains me to say that I’m going to be quitting WordPress very soon. I love using WordPress very much, but I can’t upload many more pictures and videos. ย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’d have to pay $99 for what I need and a little bit extra including a 10 gb space upgrade. TEN GB? REALLY NOW?! I’d be willing to pay a couple dollars a month. It’s so ridiculous that for $99 a year you don’t even get unlimited space. Many other bloggers including myself will most likely be moving back to Webs or Blogspot *sigh*. I like WordPress best and it just seemed to be the most dominant out of the other free blog sites I’ve been using in the past. You can contact me by emailing to or if you want me to answer ASAP send it to You can also contact me using YouTube through Melodyc3 and/or Tori23epic Well…..I really truly never thought I’d say this. I hate saying goodbye so…..See you around.


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Beacon Updates and Fall Fair Construction!!!

๐Ÿ˜ฎ I saw this before, but never posted. ย  D:

(Lights on)


(Lights off)




Fall Fair Construction (2011)


Sadly, no sign of Rockhopper yet. ย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

That’s all for now!


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Puffle Launch App Now Available!!!

Heck yea!!! I’m getting my iPod right now to download the new Puffle Launch app!!!


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My YouTube Channels

Ello(: Be sure to check out my Club Penguin YouTube channels(: for Club Penguin cheats, glitches, etc.

ยย for Club Penguin movies

and…ย for Club Penguin music videos(:

Hope to see you there!(:


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Better Igloos Catalog Cheats

Here are the new Better Igloo Cheats!

(Click the sign on the Food Stand menu to see the Stainless Steel Stove)






(Click on Feed Fluffy Trashcan to see the Comfy Crab)


(Click the porthole on the Captain Cut-Out to see the Feeding Bucket)


(Click the first star on the Water Trough to see the Plush Grey Chair)


(Click the plant on the Boss Desk to see the Computer Desk)



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