Telescope View

I heard a special guest is going to be coming to the Club Penguin Puffle Party.

I thought Rockhopper might be coming…but he isn’t in sight! The Puffle Party is in a few days!

~Melodyc3 🙂 😮 😀


About Melodyc3

Hi! I'm Melodyc3. I love playing on Club Penguin. I also LOVE Puffles. Club Penguin is my favorite website other than Poptropica and YouTube. Check out my YouTube channels. Check out my Club Penguin Cheats site: (for those who knew, this is my new site (my old one was hacked.) Check out my Poptropica Cheats site: (for Club Penguin cheats) (for Poptropica cheats) (for Club Penguin movies) and last, but not least... ~Melodyc3 :) :o :D
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9 Responses to Telescope View

  1. tylercool says:

    Its not Rockhopper, its that guy that i posted about!

  2. tylercool says:

    Yes, but i got this pic because my friend in americas dad works for CP and he got this XD

  3. tylercool says:

    Keep updating your site! And wheres Kosta-Leka been?

  4. Melodyc3 says:

    I invited a few people to my party…I think about 7…I’ve only heard back from 2 so far…you and Lovemysister…I need to invite one other person and I’m almost positive she’ll come.

  5. tylercool says:

    I havent had a party for ages, but i will probably have one when i reach 5,ooo views

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