Tylercool Hacked

Hello Tylercool fans. Today, Tylercool was hacked. He wasn’t hacked by Teh Water Bros. He decided he would quit blogging and Club Penguin forever. Bye Tylercool; we will all miss you.

~Melodyc3 🙂 😮 😀


About Melodyc3

Hi! I'm Melodyc3. I love playing on Club Penguin. I also LOVE Puffles. Club Penguin is my favorite website other than Poptropica and YouTube. Check out my YouTube channels. Check out my Club Penguin Cheats site: (for those who knew melodyc3.wordpress.com, this is my new site (my old one was hacked.) http://www.melodyc3cpcheats.wordpress.com Check out my Poptropica Cheats site: http://www.76luko.wordpress.com http://www.youtube.com/melodyc3 (for Club Penguin cheats) http://www.youtube.com/76luko (for Poptropica cheats) http://www.youtube.com/ClubPenguinCinema (for Club Penguin movies) and last, but not least... http://www.youtube.com/Melodyc3Music ~Melodyc3 :) :o :D
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12 Responses to Tylercool Hacked

  1. kostaleka says:

    WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHO DID HE GET HACKED BY AND WHAT DID THEY SAY!?!?!?

  2. tylercool says:

    I have lost everything.

  3. tylercool says:

    If you want proof of my hacked website, look http://www.tylercoolcheats.wordpress.com

  4. kostaleka says:

    who hacked you and what did they write???

  5. tylercool says:

    nothing. I was on my blog at one point, then refreshed it, and it said the authors have deleted this blog, and i would never ever do that! Someone hacked admin on my site!

  6. tylercool says:

    Theres no way i can get it back 😦 Now i have lost my chance of becoming famous. But someone called flash who im working on a site with payed £20 to get the site on the front page of google, so then we would get loads of veiews!

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