Melodyc3 500 Hits Party

Date: February 13

Time: 11:00 PST (2:00 EST)

Server: Rocky Road

Location: Ice Berg

(We start there.)

Famous Penguins on the guest list:

Tylercool ( (Now

Lovemysister (She was the actor in “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”)



?Pingu Pingey?

?Kosta Leka?

(500 hits party may be canceled.)

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


About Melodyc3

Hi! I'm Melodyc3. I love playing on Club Penguin. I also LOVE Puffles. Club Penguin is my favorite website other than Poptropica and YouTube. Check out my YouTube channels. Check out my Club Penguin Cheats site: (for those who knew, this is my new site (my old one was hacked.) Check out my Poptropica Cheats site: (for Club Penguin cheats) (for Poptropica cheats) (for Club Penguin movies) and last, but not least... ~Melodyc3 :) :o :D
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15 Responses to Melodyc3 500 Hits Party

  1. tylercool says:

    I hope i can make it!

  2. tylercool says:


  3. Pingu Pingey says:

    For me, I couldn’t find you. Searched everywhere. Please reply where you are.

  4. pingupingey says:

    where are you??

  5. pingupingey says:

    Uhhhh you did once. Oh. Why not suggest a time to meet on rocky road!!

  6. pingupingey says:

    you make my party? reply on my site

  7. pingupingey says:

    Party Review Posted

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