Sorry People!

I won’t be posting here for a little while, because I temporarily got rid of my administrators to prove that I was hacked by Teh Water Bros and UHUB, which I assume is Teh Water Bros, because he put the same picture under the same name in my Media Library (I’m not that dumb Teh Water Bros.) I’m leaving everything up for now for WordPress to take care of. Thanks for understanding!

~Melodyc3 🙂 😮 😀



About Melodyc3

Hi! I'm Melodyc3. I love playing on Club Penguin. I also LOVE Puffles. Club Penguin is my favorite website other than Poptropica and YouTube. Check out my YouTube channels. Check out my Club Penguin Cheats site: (for those who knew, this is my new site (my old one was hacked.) Check out my Poptropica Cheats site: (for Club Penguin cheats) (for Poptropica cheats) (for Club Penguin movies) and last, but not least... ~Melodyc3 :) :o :D
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