Puffle Central

Blue Puffles

They’re known for their awesome team work. Few realize that each week blue puffles eat their weight in cookies.

Personality: Loyal, content, team player

Toys: Ball, snowballs

Observed in the wild: Rallying teams together

Favorite snacks: Cookies and milk

Favorite place: Snow Forts

Cool Fact: Easy to care for

Red Puffles

From the wilds of Rockhopper Island, they love adventure. Puffle experts wonder what secrets they hold.

Personality: Adventurous, extreme

Toys: Bowling pins, cannon

Observed in the wild: Hunting for buried treasure

Favorite snacks: Stinky cheese

Best Game: Catchin’ Waves

Cool Fact: Originally from Rockhopper Island

Pink Puffles

It is said that the pink puffle’s fur can hold 30 times its weight in water.

Personality: Sporty, cheery

Toys: Skipping rope, snorkel, trampoline

Observed in the wild: Using bubblegum to float

Favorite Snacks: Veggies, fruits, Puffle-O’s

Best Game: Aqua Grabber

Cool Fact: Loves to exercise and swim

Black Puffles

Although mostly quiet, sudden fiery outbursts show there is more to these intense creatures than meets the eye

Personality: Intense, strong

Toys: Skateboard

Observed in the wild: Bursting into flames after eating Puffle O’s

Favorite Snacks: Chips

Best Game: Cart Surfer

Cool Fact: Always burps after eating cookies

Green Puffles

Are experts on unicycles. They are also known for their love of April Fool’s parties.

Personality: Playful, funny

Toys: Propeller Cap, unicycle

Observed in the wild: Vacuums up cookies with its mouth

Favorite Snacks: Jelly Beans

Best Game: Jet Pack Adventure

Cool Fact: Laughs an average of 14.7 times a day

Yellow Puffles

It is rumored that the yellow puffle creates artwork from food and furniture.

Personality: Creative, spontaneous

Toys: Paintbrush, easel

Observed in the wild: Makes music that gets everyone dancing

Favorite Snacks: Cheese and crackers

Best Game: DJ3K

Cool Fact: It puts a beret on before it paints

Purple Puffles

The flash of a disco ball transforms this stylish puffle into a powerful dance force.

Personality: Fabulous, particular

Toys: Disco ball, bubble wand

Observed in the wild: Choosing just the right outfit for just the right occasion

Favorite Snacks: Very good chocolate

Best Game: Dance Contest

Cool Fact: Has a sleep mask

White Puffles

It may be smaller than all other puffles, but its power is unmeasurable

Personality: Shy, powerful, gentle

Toys: Ice skates, snowflakes

Observed in the wild: Freezes liquid at will

Favorite place: The Dojo

Cool Fact: Slightly smaller than other species

Orange Puffles

This species has teeth strong enough to demolish petrified Puffle O’s. And everything else.

Personality: Curious, zany

Toys: Box, wagon, truck

Observed in the wild: Making quick decisions

Favorite Snack: Everything (eats puffle bowl)

Cool Fact: Sleeps very deeply and drools…and drools…

Favorite Place: Pizza Parlor

Brown Puffles

It is documented that the brown puffle blinks more than all puffles. Its dreams has graph paper backgrounds.

Personality: Super smart, inventive

Toys: Beakers, rockets

Observed in the wild: Superior machine building skills

Favorite Snacks: Astronaut food (dehydrated ice cream sandwiches)

Cool Fact: Afraid of baloons

~Melodyc3 🙂 😮 😀


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  1. Km7172 says:

    WHEN WILL U PUT THE HOT PINK PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😮 😀

  2. Km7172 says:

    ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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